April A.D. 1853

F1--Got to Fathers.
S2--Went to Oskaloose.
SB3--preached at N Davis at nite.
M4--Got a load of flower and goods and traveled to the River.
T5--Got hat (or hog or hag)
W6-Stretched my tent.
Th7--Loaded my meet.
F8--Got the Milj (word not clear) wagon hewn (word not clear)
S9--Loded the Wagons.
Sb10--The Davises and Father came.
Mll--Raned all day.
T12--Started to Oregon traveled 12 miles camped near Mr. Jack
W13--Traveled to little white Brest.
Th14--Layed by and fIxed by decin.
F15--Traveled through Shareton point camped at Mr. Chatmans.
S16--Traveled to mary white brest and (word not clear)
Sb17--traveled to fIrst Branch of Grand River Crosed some bad holes.
M18--got to Pisga crosed Grand River Campedin the Parars.
T19--Crosed 2 branches of Grand River good road Camped with a drove of Sheep
in the Prarie.
W20--traveled 12 miles Camped on the east bank of the Nodaway.
Th21--traveled 6 miles showery weather Camped on the second branch of
F22--traveled 10 miles to the 3 Nodoway Camped on west Bank.
S23--lade by raned all day and nite.
SB24--traveled 8 miles to the 4 Nodoway water vound Camped on the East bank
Rafted over.
M25--Camped on the west bank.
T26--Crosed 1 Mishama Botany (probably bottom) Camped at Indian Town.
W27-Camped at Wheelers Grove.
Th28--Crosed 2 Nishand (Mishama)(word not clear) Camped on Mad creek.
F29-Crosed silver Creek and Cagg Creek Campe 6 miles the other side of Cayne
S30--Saw the fIrst Indians pased through Canes Viii Camped on the Misourie River.

May A.D. 1853

SB1--a hard rane layed by and wroat letters to uncle Wm. Bond.
M2--Crosed the Misourie River Cmped about 2 miless from the fary.
T3--Camped and grased our cattle and washed after traveling 5 miles.
W 4--traveled 12 miles Camped in the Prarie Elected N Davis Captin.
Th5--Crosed a creek at the Squaw bridge Camped on Elkhorns.
F6-traveled 6 miles up Elkhorne Commened fening (probably either fencing or
penning) in a wagon Box Camped on east Bank.
S7--Crosed Elk home Camped on west Bank.
SB8-traveled 12 miles Camped near Plat Blufs at a grove
M9--traveled all day up Plat Camped 3 miles east Shel Creek
TI0--Came to the road on the Bank of Plat traveled up Plat all day Camped on a
udy Branch
Wll-Got to Loop fork layed by and was (washed).
Thl2-Crosed Loop fork traveled 5 miles up the loop fork and camped on the west
bank 5 miles
FI3--traveled all day up loop fork. Crossed some curious Sand hills Camped on a
large lake Botom.
Sl4-traveled 12 miles a perfect storm of wind (word not clear) that we could not
pitch our tents.
SBI5--traveled 12 miles up loop fork turned south Camped in a valy.
MI6--traveled to Prairie crek and crosed and camped on the west Bank a
tremendous storm of Rane hale and wind.
TI7--water Bound by dry Creek traveled 5 miles and camped Morgan and Peter
(perhaps Peper) swam and got an Ash tree.
Wl8-dried our cIoaths very cold.
ThI9--Crosed dry creek by blocking up traveled to wood River.
F20--Crosed wood River and traveled 12 miles up Bever creek camped Camped on
the Bank lots of timber.
S21--Camped on Plat a thunder storm at Nite.
SB22--crowded with droves of catle crossed elm creek and Bufalow creek and
camped on west Bank.
M23--Came to Plat at noon Camped on plat near a slew.
T24--Camped on Plat near the Sand Hills.
W25--traveled threw pawnee swamps Camped on plat used small willows for fewll
where a man was shot accidentally.
Th26-Camped where the shot man was Beried washed got wilow brussh of of an
iIand the Boys went a huntin.
F27-The boy got in about noon Started 10 miles Camped in a low wet Botom.
S28--Crosed Bluff Fork of Plat traveled threw threw some sand kited a Bufalow
Camped near the Bluff at a spring.
SB29--fore miles in sand hills Crosed a number of Spring branches in the evening
saw (cedar or dedar or sedar) on the south side of Plat Camped near Plat.
M30--Saw rock in the bluffs camped near a cedar island Olaver found a spring.
T31--pased Ash holow Camped on a botom the Catle went a hollow Saw the first sage.

June A.D. 1853

Wl--raned aU day past ancient Bluff Ruins Camped in Botom 1 mile from River
and 2 from Bluffs for wood from Bluffs Saw Chimnay Rock.
Th2--pased cort house Rock Camped near Chimny Rock Cedar clifts all along the
South side Camped near.
S4--Camped near Scots Bluffs
SB5--Saw first Sioux Indians.
M6--passed Fort Larame Camped near Indian vilage
T7--pased threw Black hills Camped on the River near Stares (or stones) and
Elmakers traine.
W8--Camped and washed and suned our things.
Th9--traveled over roling land saw a great many red hills Camped in the sage
FI0--Came to the River over a place that we caled Babies Brick yard Camped on the
Sl1-Traveled over Rough hills Br Wm left his old wagon
SB12--traveled in the forenoon layed by in the evening.
M13--let wagons down by ropes Saw some curious srubery. Camped on the River
currant brush.
T14--pased the plat River Bridge Camped near the River.
W15--left P, at River past soap springs Camped on willow Cr.
ThI6--eat snow Camped on Crees Cr. layed by a half day.
FI7--Came to Independence Rock Campe on Sweet water.
S18--Crosed sweet water traveled 5 miles Camped near the Devils gate layed by
half day.
SBI9--traveled up Sweet water all day Camped whare old lady swam river.
M20--traveled up sweet water al day Camped whare we swam the oxen over the River.
T21--left Sweet water Camped on a creek.
W22--snowed in the morning Camped at the snow springs layed by half day.
Th23--Peper kiled an Antelope came to sweet water Camped.
F24--Came to the old Road Camped at the Pacific Springs.
S25--layed by Elizabeth Davis sick.
M27--cols snow storme traveled to little sandy.
T28--ice a half inch thick crossed little and big sanys camped off of the road on big
W29--a mist of rane in the morning Camped on big sand Solon oms ox died.
Th30--traveled to green River camped on East Bank.

July A.D. 1853

Fl--Crosed green River Camped on West Bank.
S2--traveled to Slate creek Camped.
SB3--traveled to the Junction of the Roads Camped.
M4--Selebrated the day in traveling to Homes (?) fork. Camped on West Bank.
T5--layed by and washed.
W6--went up a steep mountain threw a fer grove down a mountain camped in a
deep hallow
Th7--over the mountain to Bar river Camped on Bar River between Smiths and
Thomases fork
F8--Crosed Thomses fork over the mountains Came up with Waldrips trane
Camped on Bar River.
S9--Get wagon tyers set.
SBlO--traveled down Bare River crossed some prety Branches Camped at a butiful
Mll-traved down Bare River Camped at Sody Springs.
T12--left Bare River at the forks of the California and Oregon Rodes Saw some
caves Camped to the write of the road herd from Oregon.
W13--traveled over mountains camped at the great Columby springs.
Th14--layed by.
F15--traveled down Ross Creek. Salomons wagon upset in Ross creek Camped on
Ross Creek
S16--crosed Portno River oposit Fort hall Camped on Portno River the misquitoes
SB17--traveled down Portno to Snake River Camped at American falls.
M18--traveled down Snake River Shorwery crosed stony creek and camped at Fall
T19--Crosed Raft River and camped in the nite on Swamp creek.
W20--traveled down Snake River to goos creek Camped on goos creek.
Th2l-layed by and fished with a wagon sheet.
F22-Camped on dry creek showery weather.
S23--Camped on rock creek.
SB24--raned on Snake River whare old Hine(?) died Camped on Ratle Snakes
M25--Came to the Botom crosed Samon River where Danle mired (?) great springs
on the other side of the river.
T26--Crosed Snak River at Samon Falls camped on North Bank.
W27--noned at a beautiful branch crosed Lads creek Camped on west Bank.
Th28--very warm traveled the spring whare the Indians kiled Mr. Lambert we
camped at the Spring.
F29--Camped whare I left my little wagon.
S30--layed by a re loaded.
SB3l--up a long hill camped on Shaperal creek.

August AD 1853

MI--Camped on Snake creek whare the Boys left.
T2--Traveled over levl road very rocky Camped at Peters spring where Buck died.
W3--0ver rolan land Camped on a Branch.
Th4--layed by and hunted Fathers oxen half day then traveled to keg spring and
F5--Came to Bois River at noon Camped on Bois River whare Solomons ox died.
S6--nooned on Bois river at a beautiful Bam tree. Camped at an island whare the
Road turned up the hill.
SB7--Down the River nooned whare an old wagon was left. Camped a few miles
after meeting Mr Heantly at a wilow Byow.
M8--Crosed Bois River Camped on Bois River 10 miles the other side of Fort Boice.
T9--got to Fort Boice crosed wagons layed by on west Bank half day.
WI0--tryed to swim cattle.
Thll--Swam catle over the River.
FI2--traveled to Malhure River and camped on West Bank.
S13--past the sulphur springs camped on Burch creek in the nite.
SBI4--Camped on Burnt River at noon
MI5--layed by and set wagon tiers Varner Shot Wilson 5 miles back on Snake
TI6--traveled up Burnt River crosed it 3 times camped in a ticket.
WI7--Solomon and Oliver started back to hunt Wms oxen we traveled up Burnt River
crosed it 6 times took a rite hand branch over a hill camped in a
holow running to Burnt River
Th18--up Burnt River past Frosts trading post up a hill camped at Kendles spring.
F19-over the hills to the 1 Powder river Camped to the write of the Road.
S20--Down Powder River crossed 32 branches Camped on west bank of of Powder
SB21--Over the mountains Camped in Grand Round valey.
M22--traveled a cross grand Round valy over the mountains camped on a branch to
the left of the Road.
(no entry of Tuesday August 23)
W24--traveled to Lees encampment Camped whare Wms Emma was born.
(note: William Bond's daughter, Emma, was born)
Th25--layed By.
F26--traveled threw the Blew mountains Camped on the umatila River.
S27--traveled down umatila River Camped whare Daniel Davis came to us.
SB28--traveled down the umatila camped 5 miles the other side of the Agency.
M29--pased the agency camped on Butter creek.
T30--layed by and left by Big wagon.
W31--layed by raned all day.

September AD 1853

Thl--Camped on mud springs
F2--Camped on wilow creek noned in fore noon.
S3--traveled in the evening Camped in cedar holow.
SB4--camped on Rock creek whare Nelson Brok his axel tree.
M5--crossed John Dayes River made a dry camp.
T6--Came to the Columby River traveled down to the Deshoots crosed the
Deshoots camped on the west Bank.
W7--past N Olnys Camped on Olnys creek.
Th8--traveled up the creek bough onions Camped at the Estron foot of the
Caskade mountain.
F9--crosed Indian creak camped on the 2 mile creek.
SI0--traveled 6 miles layed by half a day on camp Branch.
SBII--Iayed by and herd a sermon by Elder Davis.
MI2--past Barlows gate camped on a branch of the Caskade mountains.
TI3--down the Deshoots mountains crosed the Deshoots 5 times Ebeneser upset his
wagon twice. Camped where Nelson lost his cow.
WI4--traveled to the somet Praria met Hardon Davis layed by half day.
FI6--Beried Hana traveled to and camped on Loral Hill.
SI7--went down Loral hill camped at Davenports trading post.
SBI8--layed by
MI9--Camped at the foot of the Backbone.
T20--crosed and camped on Sandy met with Joseph Stickny.
W21--Camped at Browns this is the day we got in to the Wilamit valy and makes 5
months and 9 days on the rodd.
Th22--to Fosters a Cros deep creek to James Tongs.
F23--1 went to Oregon City and stayed all nite with Br. Johnson.