Some notes about using this site:

Surname Index This lists the surnames on this website who have a listing on the person pages. The number following the name indicates how many people there are with that name. Both the maiden name and married name for women are included. If you click on a surname you will see a listing of the people included on the site. Then when you click on their name you will go to their person page.

Place Index This index shows the places included on the site. If you click on those underlined, there will be a listing showing the people with an event at that place. Then you can click on the individual and read what happened there.

Images These are thumbnails of the images available on the site. You may click to see them, and they will be on a person page or in a separate window.

Special People

      Earliest Ancestors This is a list of Joanne's earliest ancestors shown on this site. Again you may click on the name to see what information is available here.

      Published People These are links to people which have links to articles about them written by Joanne and published in the Cottage Grove Genealogical Society Quarterly, Trees From the Grove at Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Charts You can click on the listing to look at the various charts. Due to their size, you may need to scroll down to see all the names. Notice the legend at the bottom to determine the meaning of the different colors. All underlined names are links back to their person page.

Calendar The calendars show the birthdays of Joanne's ancestors and the birthdays of those ancestors' siblings, or aunts and uncles. You can change the month shown by clicking on the arrows. The underlined names are links back to their person page.

Maps Currently there is one map showing the locations for the Donation Land Claims in Oregon of John Bond and his children.

On the individual entries on the person pages, if you find a Pop-Up Pedigree, click on it and there will be a small pedigree chart for that person. Again any underlined name can be clicked on to go to their page.

If you just wish to browse the people, begin with any name and use the previous page/next page buttons at the top or bottom of the page.

Icons Legend Icons are used on the Surname Index and on the Person Pages to show the degree of relationship to Joanne. Click on the link below for their explanation, as well as for other icons used on the site.


  • Icons Legend These icons may be on the surname index or the person pages.